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Sharma Complex Project Boardwalk Package

The design of the main lay-out of the resort is derived from the local architecture and the dynamics as well as the order of the sea creatures that reflects the harmonious and considered relations in a way that corresponds to the guts needs.  As well, the resort was designed according to a way that directs all chalets towards the sea within an elegant and conventional architectural system.

Boardwalks often serve as focal points along any waterfront property, enabling residents, tourists, homeowners and guests to access and enjoy the water.

CEM was awarded by Nesma & Partners to construct the beach boardwalks including the walkways along water, boardwalks run across wetlands, parks and backyards.  A total of 2 km with an estimated approximate area of 11,000 sq.m. have been constructed by CEM for this Sharma Complex Project.

The boardwalk was constructed using precast concrete bases with the proper waterproofing protection of the concrete surface against the severity of the area.  Modified wood which is the newest technological advancement and has proven to be a major contender in the area of boardwalk materials were used as the decking or catwalks. These modified wood materials are sustainable and eco-friendly, so these won’t leach chemicals into the ground.  It’s also extremely dense and durable, limiting repair needed and lowering the life cycle cost of the boardwalk.


Tabouk, Saudi Arabia

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