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Q.E.C.E. Interior Design

With the excellent performance of CEM Estero S.p.A. in terms of quality, safety and project completion during the construction of New Offices Building for Qatar Emiri Corps of Engineers (Q.E.C.E.), CEM was the preferred Contractor to do future Projects with Qatar Armed Forces. In this regard, CEM was awarded for the Interior Design of New Offices Building for Q.E.C.E. involving the design of office furniture, new finishes of the rooms for the Commander, Head of SPDD and Officer’s offices.  Apart from this interior design, CEM presented the ergonomic design of the Conference Hall which involved acoustic ceiling, wall and floor finishes.

The Commander’s office was transformed into a special room among the other offices of the New Offices Building for Q.E.C.E. by changing the design of the wall and ceiling finishes.  In the new design, the walls are now cladded with marble and wooden panels with built-in cabinets.  From the original design of the ceiling which utilizes a 600×600 mineral fibre board, CEM was instructed to design it with special ceiling adapting gypsum panels and wooden cladding.

Large office desk with pure leather executive chairs have been selected by the Client for this office.  In addition, fabric curtains will be used in all the windows of the Commander’s office.  Large TV monitors, carpet rugs, and painting were also designed by CEM to give a more sophisticated look of the office.

The Director of SPDD office was also transformed into a special office with the changing of the wall and ceiling finishes.   A wooden cladding is introduced on all the wall areas with the built-in cabinets and the ceiling was changed into gypsum ceiling with corniche.   Drop lights have been used instead of the old fluorescent lights.  All the windows in this office will have fabric curtains and the floor to have carpet rugs.

For the other Officer’s rooms, these offices have been transformed into a special room with same typology as for the Director of SPDD but the only difference is the size of the table, the type of window used, and without any wood cladding on the walls except built-in wooden cabinets are provided. In this office, roller blinds will be used in all the windows and carpet rugs will also be placed.

In the new finishes, Qatar Armed forces has instructed CEM Estero S.p.A. to redesign the main entrance lobby by adding some wooden cladding on the walls and for the square columns.  Paintings and plants will be added to give more pleasing views once you get inside the building.  Aside from this new instruction, all the glass partitions have been converted into frosted glass with geometric designs.  The doors on these partitions were changed from glass into wooden doors.


Doha, Qatar

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